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History of iChronos organizer updates

At the moment, the latest version of iChronos is version 3.3.3, that has been released on the 25th of March, 2014.
We are constantly working on iChronos organizer. But the new versions do not come out too often, so you won't get tired of the frequent updates of the program :).

All updates of iChronos organizer

Release of iChronos version 3.3.3
  • New added features and improvements:
  • • added some new tones as ringtones for sound reminder and ability to choose your own ringtone in .mp3 or .wav format (how to change a ringtone — see FAQ);
  • • and other minor changes.
Release of iChronos version 3.3.2
  • New added features and improvements:
  • • implemented constant iternal date format to xml when saving the project (sometimes there had been errors when opening a project created on another computer).
  • Fixed bugs:
  • • fixed error with hanging of program after trying to use the virtual keyboard (for tablets/touchscreen devices);
  • • fixed error with changing text color in a note related to reminder (text color in a note could become white/invisible if you changed the color of reminder).
Release of iChronos version 3.3.1
  • Fixed bugs:
  • • fixed error with date format mm/dd/yyyy;
  • • fixed infrequent error with running of program in Windows XP right after Windows loads;
  • • fixed error with activating option "remind earlier" in reminder properties window.
Release of iChronos version 3.3
  • New added features and improvements:
  • • a new program icon; a new system tray icon (up to 256x256 for Windows Vista, Windows 7);
  • • redrawn event icon, task icon, note icon; redrawn chekboxes in Timeline and buttons with icons;
  • • little icons in Item list have become the same as large icons on Workspace (now there are small icons for tasks, events, notes, and icons for all folders will be added in future versions);
  • • added missing icons to the menu item's icons, to Timeline buttons' icons (for restoring from recycle bin, attaching files, undoing last command, exporting, importing, ect.);
  • • added new contact icons (Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, etc.);
  • • added check for only one copy of iChronos at a time (the program can't be run again if it is already running);
  • • enhanced Item list: added more information about items;
  • • it has become more convenient to work with Timeline (the current time interval is highlighted now; moving to the relevant date has become smoother);
  • • completed tasks have semitransparent icons on Workspace now;
  • • added the filter buttons 'events' and 'birthdays' to Item list;
  • • added the ability to edit the name of the item(object) directly in Item list or in Today events list;
  • • and other small changes.
  • Fixed bugs:
  • • fixed errors with running of program in some configurations of Windows 7 and Windows Vista (if you still have a problem with running the program, send us, please, the log file (see FAQ), and we will try to solve the problem as soon as possible);
  • • fixed the following bug: if any object, while you saving the project, was under the expanded container in Workspace, the next time you opened a project, it would be inside the container;
  • • fixed the bug with loading backup of project 'project.bak' in case it wasn't possible to download the project file 'Project.crn';
  • • in case the program was blocked, the date (or week day) in the system tray icon drawn over key icon;
  • • the button "More Colors ..." didn't work when choosing color for Workspace;
  • • the editing character window collapsed on small screen and you could see only one line (field) of contact information (you needed to scroll to other fields to create or view the contact details);
  • • fixed many other small bugs.
Release of iChronos version 3.2.1
  • Fixed bugs:
  • • the errors with running of program in Windows 7 and Windows Vista have been fixed;
  • • the problem with saving of project while using a USB flash drive has been solved.
Release of iChronos version 3.2

iChronos organizer help is now available on our website.

  • New added features and improvements:
  • • some options have been enhanced: search for objects, sorting of contacts, and dates added to events in Item list;
  • • when you save the project, the current position of Workspace is remembered;
  • • corrected some of the windows, added tooltips to some buttons;
  • • and other small changes.
  • Fixed bugs:
  • • the problem of conflicts with antivirus programs in Windows Vista and Windows 7, that existed in version 3.1, has been solved;
  • • the error, at which the birth date of contact could be shifted, has been fixed.
Release of iChronos version 3.1
  • New added features and improvements:
  • • iChronos works on Windows Vista and Windows 7;
  • • saving the relative path of last opened project; it has became easier to work with portable version (for USB flash drive), because of an automatic opening of the last started project;
  • • micro font is added for the small scale;
  • • some interface's buttons have been redesigned.
  • Fixed bugs:
  • • appearing reminder (of a new task) immediately after it is created.
Release of iChronos version 3.0

Bugs of previous versions have been fixed, functionality's been enhanced and usability's been improved.

  • New added features and improvements:
  • • automatic moving the uncompleted tasks to the next day;
  • • when you mouse over the system tray icon, calendar or today events can be poped up;
  • • displaying "native" icons for all the external files in the project;
  • • all icons have a transparent background (png) now;
  • • displaying the date or weekday in the system tray icon;
  • • storing the project file in a compressed format (zip);
  • • double-click inside the container opens its properties;
  • • new look of startup screen;
  • • ability to select icons for events;
  • • and some small changes.
  • Fixed bugs:
  • • status of the repeating tasks was displayed incorrectly for different dates;
  • • there was error, when the actuatings of some reminders fell in the same time interval;
  • • the program hanged up, when the program was running (because of automatic check for updates);
  • • password protection of project worked incorrectly;
  • • and other small bugs.
Release of iChronos version 2.0

We have released the new iChronos version 2.0 and its portable version for running from any type of removable media, including USB flash drive.
Many changes and additions have been made both in program design and functionality.

  • New added features and improvements:
  • • import of contacts, tasks, notes into iChronos from Outlook;
  • • export of contacts into doc file from iChronos;
  • • full editing notes (the changing of fonts, font colors, the creating of lists, etc.);
  • • ability to change the window size of note (the size is saved for each note separately);
  • • ability to "stick" a note to the Windows desktop;
  • • additional custom fields in contacts (e.g.: icq, skype, e-mail, web, etc.);
  • • ability to send e-mail, go to web-link or write a message in ICQ;
  • • more than 60 new icons for folders and notes, custom-made specially for iChronos;
  • • ability to add user's icons;
  • • ability of attaching the files and folders to the project (not just links to files, as before);
  • • drag-and-drop of files from other programs directly to Workspace;
  • • automatic ranking files in folders on the disk according to their hierarchy in Workspace;
  • • ability to select the objects (with Shift, Ctrl, ect.) and to drag them through Workspace;
  • • ability to move the objects within Item list (from folder to folder), as well as from Item list to Workspace;
  • • more flexible customization of repeatings for events and tasks (there has been added repeatings such as "third Monday in September" and repeatings in intervals (N-th number of days, weeks, etc.);
  • • ability to create a meeting, call, the task by dragging the contact to Timeline;
  • • there can be created an appointment, call, task, reminder, event for a certain contact; all these events are placed in a container inside the contact item;
  • • redesigned user interface and ability to download skins from external files (so far, the program includes only one type of skin, and later we'll add a few colors);
  • • tool bars above Workspace and Timeline:
  • a. to create items;
  • b. to change the scale of Workspace and Timeline without using the mouse wheel;
  • c. ability to maximize/restore Workspace or Timeline;
  • • ability to recover item from the Recycle Bin to its original position;
  • • highlighting object after it is created to explore its new locations;
  • • ability to drag event by holding your mouse not only over icon, but also over bar that showing the duration of event;
  • • ability to set colors for events;
  • • saving iChronos projects in the .cvn format (if you save the project with a password, it is encrypted);
  • • search for the folders: when you double-click on the folder in Workspace, it is shown the corresponding folder in Item list, and inversely;
  • • displaying the events and Timeline have been changed.
  • Fixed bugs:
  • • displaying icons at the highest magnification zoom (it has become clearer);
  • • increased font size when you zoom in Workspace;
  • • now when you select the current folder in Workspace, the corresponding folder is showed in Item list;
  • • displaying the selected item's icon in the item properties window (there was a static icon, changes occurred only in Workspace).
First release of iChronos organizer

It was the first release of a graphic organizer iChronos (version 1.0.1 beta).

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