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iChronos organizer Help

This Help can assist you to learn all the features and user options of iChronos organizer.

Elements of interface

Main iChronos window

The main program window consists of 4 parts:

1. Item list.
2. Workspace.
3. Today events.
4. Timeline.

The size of any part can be changed if you drag its vertical or horizontal border.

To hide Item list window or Today events window, just double-click on their headers.

If click on ichronos buttons "maximize/restore" button in the Workspace window's header, Timeline will be hidden. But if click on the same button in the Timeline window header, Workspace will be hidden there.

interface of ichronos personal organizer

Item list

Item list displays all objects (items), which contained in the main project, in tree structure form.

Various operations upon objects (items) might be performed in Item list, as well as in Workspace, including creating and editing objects, finding the location of objects in Workspace (if they can't be viewed at the Workspace selected scale).

object list in ichronos PIM

Quick search

The program can search through Item list for contacts, notes, ect. The searching starts immediately, when you start to type a desirable word.

object list in ichronos PIM


All the project items (folders, contacts, notes, events, calls, appointments, ect.) are placed in Workspace.

You can create any kind of object and attach a file (or a folder) in Workspace.

Scaling Workspace

To scale (zoom or zoom out) Workspace, use a scroll mouse wheel or buttons ichronos buttons, located on the right side of Workspace window's header.

Navigating Workspace

To navigate in Workspace, use the scroll bars on its edges or the mouse while holding the right or middle (wheel) button.

workspace in ichronos personal organizer

Creating an item in Workspace

Any objects (folders, contacts, notes, tasks, appointments, calls, events, and holidays) can be created right here, in Workspace, if you right-click in the white space and select "Create item". You can also create items using the buttons ichronos buttons located in the header of Workspace.

Search for an object (item) in Workspace.

If the object get lost in Workspace, or is not located in the viewable area of Workspace due to the small screen resolution, you can take one of the following:
1. zoom out Workspace (using mouse wheel or buttons) to increase zone of vision and, thus, to find out the object;
2. using the buttons ichronos buttons "maximize/restore" open Workspace in full height of right part of the main iChronos window, and simplify the search for the desired object, navigating in Workspace, or scaling it;
3. search for the object through Item list (in this case, the desired object will be maximazed in full width of Workspace.

Changing folder's size

To increase folder's size in Workspace, you need to drag folder's bottom right corner outside. If you drag the mouse inside the folder, you can reduce the folder window's size, but to a size that is enough to display the entire contents of the folder.

Collapsing a folder

To collapse a folder, you can double-click on the icon located in the folder's header.
Or right-click on it and choose "Close container." To restore the folder, you can double-click on the icon.

contact folder in ichronos personal organizer  contact folder in ichronos personal organizer

Maximizing of folder to full width of Workspace

To do this, simply double-click on header of the desired folder (not on an icon, as in this case, the folder will be collapsed), or click on the button "maximize/collapse" in the folder's header.

Today events

Today events window displays the events scheduled for today, such as: reminders, tasks, appointments, calls, events, holidays.
In the small box next to each event you can check off the execution or completion of any task, event, etc. with a tick.

task list in ichronos planner

If you want to find a task on desktop (Workspace) or Timeline, you should right-click and select the appropriate menu item.

task list in ichronos planner


Timeline displays all tasks, reminders, events, and other objects, for which calendar dates were set.

Any events or tasks that have the exact date or any length of time can be created directly on Timeline by right-clicking.

Timeline in ichronos planner

Scaling and navigating Timeline

To scale to the current day, week or month, use the buttons ichronos buttons or ichronos buttons.
To draw near the event and to move away from it, you can use the mouse wheel.
To navigate on Timeline (or travel through time), move your mouse by pressing and holding the right or the middle (wheel) button.

The Calendar

The calendar is used to quick navigating in Workspace. If you select a specific day on the calendar, Timeline immediately shows it with all scheduled for this day events and tasks.

calendar in ichronos PIM

Changing the date in the calendar

To change the month or year, simply click on the month or year and choose the one you need.
Or use the buttons-arrows located to the right and left of the month and year.

calendar in ichronos PIM  calendar in ichronos PIM

Quick jump to today

To quickly jump to today, you should right-click on Timeline and select "Today". And Timeline immediately displays the current date.

today in ichronos planner

iChronos from system tray

The main functions of iChronos organizer can be accessed directly from the system tray without opening the main program window.

Quick creating an item (object)

If you right-click on the program icon in the system tray and select "Create item", you can create one of these items: contact, note, reminder, task, appointment, call.

Quick access to the calendar

Also, you can select "Calendar" by right-clicking. In this case, calendar is appeared in its small window.
If you select a specific date, the main iChronos window is opened, and Timeline displays the day that you have chosen.

minimizing to system tray in ichronos PIM

Reviewing today events

A window with a list of events for today is opened if you right-click and choose the item "today events".
In this window you can also view tasks and events in the next few days. Just use the buttons-arrows for it.

By the way, it is possible to get quicker access to viewing the list of today events.

Change the settings in iChronos menu and window with all the scheduled events and tasks for today will pop up when the cursor is on the icon in the system tray of iChronos ("Options" →"General" →"Do while move on icon" →"Show today events").

task list in ichronos planner

Items in iChronos

Operation upon items

Creating an item

A new item can be created in the main window, as well as from the system tray, if you right-click and select the appropriate context menu item.

Right-clicking on Workspace or Item list, or Today events, you can create any type of item (as an event, a contact, a folder or a note).

To do this, select the context menu item "Create item" (a contact, a person, a note, or a folder) or the "Create event" (a reminder, an appointment or other events for which a specific date or a time period are set).

In point of Timeline, you can create there only the item that can be shown on Timeline — an event with the specified timeframe or the exact date.

objects in ichronos personal organizer

Editing an item

In order to change any information about the object (item), or simply review the object's properties, you should right-click on this object and select the context menu item "Properties".
A window with the properties of the object will be opened for reviewing or making changes in it.

This action can be done with any object (item) of whatever item's form or item's location in the main window: in Item list, in Workspase, on Timeline or in Today events part.
Please note, if you select item in Workspace or on Timeline, you should click not on the item's name, but on its icon or folder's header.

timeline in ichronos personal organizer

Moving items over Timeline

Any event can be moved over Timeline and accordingly modified its previously set date and time of beginning (without usage of the event's "Properties").

To move the event, drag and held the left mouse button on the icon of the event.

timeline in ichronos personal organizer

An event can be moved not only horizontally to the left or right (i.e. in time), but also vertically on Timeline.
For example, in case you wish to get more visually attractive look of the planned events' locations on Timeline.
In order to the arrows for the vertical movement appear, you should move the cursor to the left of the event's bar (color event's bar).
And drag the event up or down using these arrows.

timeline in ichronos PIM

Changing the event's duration on Timeline

The duration of the event can be changed not only through its "Properties", but directly on Timeline by dragging the right side bar of the event (i.e., the date and time of the event's ending) to the right to the desired date and time.

timeline in ichronos planner

Moving items over Workspace

To move any item (object), you can simply drag the mouse while holding the left mouse button.

It is possible to move folders into other folders, as well as inside contacts in Workspace. After successful completion of this operation, folder, in which you place the new object, is illuminated with green outline.

If the new object has been placed inside the contact, contact is highlighted in green circle. And next to it, button appears, clicking on which you can open the container and see its contents.

objects in ichronos personal organizer  objects in ichronos personal organizer

Search for items in Workspace, Item list or in Timeline

To find the desired item in various areas of the program, you can right-click on it and select "Find in item list", "Find on timeline" or "Find on desktop".

object in ichronos personal organizer  object in ichronos personal organizer


By creating a contact (see creating an item), in addition to standard contact information you can activate the option for displaying the day of birth on Timeline and set the appearance of the contact.

Adding and moving through the contact information

Contact information should be entered in the "contacts" box. If you see only one line (field) of contact information, scroll to other fields with the "up" and "down" buttons ichronos buttons to create or view the contact details.

To add an additional field for entering contact information, use the "+" button above the "contacts" box. To remove the extra fields, use the "-" button.

contact in personal organizer ichronos

The appearance of contact

To choose the appearance of contact, click on the icon of the contact which is located on the "Appearance" property's field. The window with the various combinations of appearance will be opened and you can choose and apply the best appearance for your contact person.


The folder is an independent item (object), but it is used to organize and integrate other items. Thus, in a folder, you can create a mini project.
A folder can be created in Workspace and Item list by right-clicking.
Like any other object, it has properties that can be edited (see Editing an item), and it can be moved (see Moving items over Workspace).

let's look at how to create a mini project as a folder.

The private zoo "My small Zoo"

There can be placed in this folder:

  • • all information about the new animals that have just arrived or will arrive soon at the Zoo;
  • • note about arrival of the elephant Tom, and sound reminder of the date and time when Tom should be met;
  • • task to order one of the types of animal feed for the next week (6000 lbs of carrots);
  • • reminder of the date and time when the workers will wire a new Tom's house for electricity;
  • • note to pick the projectors for the Zoo's park zone;
  • • excel file with prices for all kind of projectors;
  • • contact of veterinarian Iden;
  • • appointment with Iden to offer him a job at Zoo;
  • • event WAZA Conference, which will be held from 6 to October 12, 2012;
  • • link to youtube video of Melbourne Zoo.

project in personal organzer ichronos


You can store files (programs), or shortcuts to files that can be run directly from iChronos organizer.
Soon there will be more information in this section.


You can create notes in the program. If you select "Show on Windows desktop" when creating a note, a note appears on your desktop all the time while you have the program run.

To emphasize a note on Workspace area, you are able to use a wide choice of icons.

notes in personal organizer ichronos

When you create a note, you can pick color of your note, the text fonts and colors, and use other other text editing capabilities.

notes in personal organizer ichronos


Events in the program are the tasks, appointments, calls, reminders, and just the events as such (holidays). All these items are anchored to the time and can be displayed on Timeline.
Soon there will be more information in this section.


A reminder is actuated as a pop-up window in the bottom right corner of the screen with beeping.

Setting a reminder.

There are two ways to set a reminder.

1. As a reminder about any created event (a task, an appointment, a call, ect.).

When you create a task, an appointment, a call and just event, the program offers to activate such option as "Remind earlier" in the event's properties window. Activating it, you need to set the time for the reminder and press the green tick to save the task (or other event).
At a stated time iChronos reminds you about the upcoming event by popping-up window with a sound.

reminder in ichronos personal organizer

2. As an independent object — reminder.

It is convenient for those cases when you need to quickly create a reminder of an important event, not wasting time on the creating appropriate tasks, or you simply do not want to attach a reminder to any task, you just want to be timely notified of the upcoming event.

You just need to right-click in Workspace, in Item list or on Timeline, and select "Create event" →"Reminder" in the context menu.

reminder in ichronos planner

For example, it can be done easily and quickly on Timeline if you hover cursor over the appropriate time and choose "Create event" →"Reminder" by right-clicking. When the window of properties will be opened, you will see that the start time of the reminder which you have chosen on Timeline will be already set.

reminder in ichronos PIM reminder in ichronos personal organizer

Quick moving

During the operation of reminder, you can quickly move it to a later date, without opening the "Properties" of reminder and not editing it. You simply click on the button "Move to" and select the appropriate time.

reminder in personal organizer ichronos

Reviewing issue that has been reminded

During the operation of reminder, you can refresh your memory about issue that has been reminded or edit this issue. Hover a cursor over the text and click on it. So you will open a "Properties" window of your reminder (task).

reminder in personal organizer ichronos

A tone for sound reminder

There is no such user option as a changing a tone in iChronos menu. However, the changing is still possible. Read about it in FAQ.

User options

Changing iChronos interface

The interface of iChronos organizer can be configured as you like.

For instance, you can change or hide some parts of the main iChronos window.

Also you can choose your own design.
So, you can change a default light brown color (with a rough-textured background) on any other color or combination of colors.

Access to settings of the program interface:

1. menu item "View";
2. "Options" →"General" →"View" tab.

interface of ichronos personal organizer

Changing the colors

The colors of all the parts of the main iChronos window can be changed here: "Options" →"General" →"View" tab.

Clap your eyes on this screenshot.

To change the color of Workspace and Timeline, you need to find the "View" tab →section "Colors".
And to choose any color you like for "Scene" (that is Workspace and Timeline).

However, before you select and apply the color, you need to disable the "Show Background" from the menu item "View", as shown in the screenshot.

To change the colors of items and Today events, you should select "List background" ("Options" →"General" → "View" tab →section "Colors" →"List background").

changing interface of ichronos PIM

Customizing the appearance of Workspace

After selecting the main menu item "View" you can customize the display of such Workspace's graphic elements as: "Show background" (rough-texture background), "Show shadows", "Shade Workspace", "Show grid".
By default they are displayed.

Displaying Item list and Today events

Also you can choose there whether to display Item list and Today events in the main iChronos window or not.

changing interface of ichronos planner

Timeline's location

Timeline can be located not only in the bottom right corner.
Its location can be changed. Or it can be hidden from view at all, thereby increasing the area of Workspace.

changing interface of ichronos personal organizer

Set a password for project

You can hide information, stored in iChronos, from unauthorized access to your computer.
It suffices to set a password for the project in which you work.

password protection in ichronos personal organizer    passord protection in ichronos PIM

Locking iChronos

Once the project is set a password, you can specify a time interval of iChronos inactivity, after which the program will be blocked ("Options" → "Program lock"). And it will require a password to continue working.
That is very handy when you need to leave you computer for some time.

password protection in ichronos planner


Updates for iChronos

When a new version of iChronos is released, just install the new version over an existing one in the same directory, and you can continue to work with your projects.

If after installing of the update and running of the program you do not see your project, open it using the main menu "Project" → "Open" (from the directory in which you have saved it).
In case you did not save the project with "Save as" in another place, you can find this project in the folder in which you installed iChronos organizer: \iChronos organizer\Documents\Project_name.crn.

Import of contacts, tasks and appointments from Microsoft Outlook

To import the data (contacts, tasks, notes) from Microsoft Outlook into iChronos, you should select menu item "Tools" →"Import from Outlook" →"Import all" (or you can select one or more items: "Contacts", "Tasks", "Notes").

import data into ichronos personal organizer

Export of contacts from iChronos

To export your contacts from iChronos, you should choose menu item "Tools" →"Export all contacts". Contacts will be exported into doc file.

If you want to export contact information of a certain person, you should right-click on the contact either in Workspace or in Item list and choose "Export contacts in Word". You'll get the contact information of the person that you need.

export data from ichronos personal organizer

Registering the program

Purchasing a registration key

You can purchase a registration key for iChronos on Get iChronos key page.

Enter a key

Select menu item "Help" →"Enter registration key".
Type your registration name and registration key in the window that appears and click on the green tick button to save them. Congratulations!

ichronos key ichronos organizer key

Portable version of iChronos

Always at your fingertips

iChronos can be always with you, always at your fingertips. You can use it for personal use while you are at home, or at work, or in any other place where you need to be. This can be easily achieved by using a USB flash drive or USB HDD (hereinafter - "flash drive"). You need to install copies of the program on your computer, for instance, at home (.exe or .zip) and on your flash drive (.zip), and to enter your registration information (Name and Key) in both copies. Registered copy of the program on your flash drive will allow you to use iChronos organizer on any computer which you have to work with.

Using portable version on Windows 7 / Vista

Using the portable version iChronos organizer on Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you should have full access to the folder where you placed the portable version on your computer. Always run the program with administrator rights. It helps you avoid any problems with saving of project and program settings.

Using portable version on USB flash drive

You can use portable version on an external drive or flash drive. Just do not forget after working in the program to close it, and to "Safely Remove Hardware" your USB device in order to ensure that recent changes of your project saved. Otherwise, there is a risk that recent changes may be lost.

If you can't find an answer to your question about using iChronos or you've observed that an important issue is missed, in your view, please write us about that to: info@ichronos.info.

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