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Visualize your life to better focus on the important happenings!
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Download iChronos organizer

Download the latest version of iChronos organizer for Windows 7, Vista, XP,
as well as earlier versions of Windows.
You can use iChronos for free for 30 days. Upon the expiry of trial period the program will show you pop-up reminder, asking to register itself. To get rid of that and register the program with your name, you can Purchase iChronos key or get it in another way (see FAQ).

Download iChronos portable 3.3.3.zip

4.41 Mb / portable version
downloads: 2303

Are you downloading Zip?
Please note!
After working with portable iChronos stored on your USB device don't foget to use the "Safely Remove Hardware".
To use the portable version on Windows 7 or Vista, you need to have full administrator rights.

Download iChronos 3.3.3.exe

4.55 Mb / setup file
downloads: 6799

Exe or Zip?
If you are used to installing programs by a standard way or you have never handled a portable version (it doesn't require the installation), you should download exe-file and install it by following onscreen prompts. Additionally you can download zip-file if you need a portable organizer for your USB flash drive.

What's new in iChronos 3.3.3 version?

  • • added some new ringtones for sound reminder and ability to choose your own ringtone in .mp3 or .wav format (how to change a ringtone — see FAQ);
  • • and other minor changes.

In previous versions:

  • • fixed error with hanging of program after trying to use the virtual keyboard (for tablets/touchscreen devices);
  • • implemented constant iternal date format to xml when saving the project (sometimes there had been errors when opening a project created on another computer);
  • • fixed error with changing text color in a note related to reminder (text color in a note could become white/invisible if you changed the color of reminder);
  • • there were a lot of changes in the previous versions 3.3 and 3.3.1;
  • • read more about all improvements in the program on the page History of iChronos updates.

System requirements for iChronos:

  • • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7;
  • • approximately 6 Mb of free disk space;
  • • for older versions of Windows than Windows XP:
    3D graphic accelerator and Microsoft DirectX version 9.0 or higher.

What version of DirectX do I have?

You can find out what version of DirectX is installed on your system as folows:
Start →Run →to type "dxdiag". The version number will be shown in the window that appears.
If the installed version of DirectX is earlier than 9, you can download an update directly from DirectX page on the Microsoft website.

Earlier versions of iChronos organizer:

iChronos version 3.3.2.exe (download) / 3.86 Mb / downloads: 2703
iChronos portable version 3.3.2.zip (download) /3.6 Mb/ downloads: 3596

iChronos version 3.3.1.exe (download) / 3.86 Mb / downloads: 3436
iChronos portable version 3.3.1.zip (download) /3.61 Mb/ downloads: 3252

iChronos version 3.3.exe / 3.86 Mb / downloads: 1170
iChronos portable version 3.3.zip /3.61 Mb/ downloads: 226

iChronos version 3.2.1.exe / 3.45 Mb / downloads: 491
iChronos portable version 3.2.1.zip /3.27 Mb/ downloads: 152

iChronos version 3.2.exe / 3.5 Mb / downloads: 626
iChronos portable version 3.2.zip /3.4 Mb/ downloads: 89

iChronos version 3.1.exe / 4.0 Mb / downloads: 460
iChronos portable version 3.1.zip / 4.0 Mb / downloads: 114

iChronos version 3.0.exe / 4.1 Mb / downloads: 5189
iChronos portable version 3.0.zip / 4.0 Mb / downloads: 11515

iChronos version 2.0.exe / 4.2 Mb / downloads: 3722
iChronos portable version 2.0.zip / 4.1 Mb / downloads: 1518

iChronos version 1.0.1.exe / 2.9 Mb / downloads: 7845
iChronos portable version 1.0.1.zip / 2.8 Mb / downloads: 1791

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