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Visualize your life to better focus on the important happenings!

iChronos organizer is a graphic personal organizer for Windows

iChronos organizer software is a personal organizer which you can use to create projects, manage tasks and notes, store contacts, documents, set reminders about important events, birthdays, appointments or any other matters.

Just another day planner software, calendar or personal information manager? Not exactly...
In additon to the standard features of calendars, planners and PIMs, iChronos organizer has a graphical representation of tasks, projects, contacts, notes and... even the time. iChronos not only helps organize information, but also shows it in visual form.

Organizer for Windows 7, Vista, XP and others

iChronos organizer works on Windows, including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and earlier versions.

Portable iChronos organizer

iChronos has a portable version, so it can be always with you, at your hand. You can use it while you are at home, or at work, or wherever you need to be. This can be easily achieved by using a USB flash drive or USB HDD.

Organizer software with timeline

iChronos has a timeline.
It is convenient to create and view scheduled (or past) events, reminders, tasks, appointments in the timeline. And also to keep track of execution of tasks, projects and finally to find out dreams that came true.
Timeline conveys a sense of change in your life over time.

Visualization of all areas of your life

Displaying data not only in lists, but also as graphic objects, provides excellent visualization of all planned projects, tasks, events, contacts and all areas of your life in general. It helps you see a power-full picture of your ongoing life, make a review of its particular aspects and stay more focused on the most important things.

Watch this video demo of iChronos organizer to see what it looks like.

iChronos organizer features

Wide range of graphic interface abilities
  • • ability to minimize and to scale each pane of main window, to change its borders;
  • • scaled fields for each contact, project, folder on the workspace;
  • • ability to change color of themes;
  • • ability to add a custom icon library.
All planner software functions
  • • management of tasks, appointments, events in the lists (and in the timeline);
  • • pop up sound reminders not to miss the important event;
  • • sticky notes on the desktop;
  • • calendar (as a useful addition to the timeline).
Timeline for visualizing time management
  • • graphical dispaying all events;
  • • ability to create and keep track of all your tasks, appointments, calls and other events directly in the timeline;
  • • ability to view past or planned events in different time scale;
  • • ability to visually explore changes happened in your life moving on Timeline;
  • • ability to label historical events in the timeline: the starting point of the timeline is the beginning of Common Era.
Project management
  • • ability to create both a big project and a small, as a folder, one;
  • • ability to create any kind of events (reminders, tasks, appointments, calls, holidays) and to store various types of data in the project folder (contacts, notes, documents, multimedia files);
  • • visual management of project: it is possible because of the visual data presentation in the project and any item of the project can be moved over workspace into another project, as well as over timeline to another date or time.
Contact management
  • • support of various contact details, including skype, facebook, twitter, linkedin and so on;
  • • customizable appearance of contacts: blondes, brunettes, bald, wearing a tie or cap — each contact can get a specialness that person has in life;
  • • ability to add notes to contacts;
  • • ability to store any type of data in the contact folder.
File management
  • • ability to make a collection of images, video and audio data;
  • • several kinds of file storage: creating a shortcut for a file, copying the file to the projects, moving the file into the project;
  • • ability to run any stored file, including any Windows application, directly from iChronos organizer.
Protection. Export/import of data. Portability
  • • protection from unauthorized access: ability to set a password for opening a project file and a password to lock iChronos after being idle;
  • • ability to export contacts from iChronos, as well as import contacts, tasks, notes into iChronos from Microsoft Outlook;
  • • ability to transfer projects created in the program;
  • • iChronos has a portable version for use from any type of removable media, including USB flash drive.
  • • access to main program features from the system tray;
  • • quick search to find the desire task, note or contact in the item list;
  • • ability to customize the appearance of all panes of main iChronos window: the workspace, the item list and the timeline;
  • • automatic backup of all your data in iChronos organizer.

We are very grateful to Afterwarp interactive company and personally to Yuriy Kotsarenko for their wonderful graphic module used in iChronos organizer.

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